Yayasan Hiichiikok provides education opportunities to break cycle of poverty

Beyond providing food and shelter to the needy and underprivileged, Yayasan Hiichiikok also places great emphasis on education. The Home which is based in Taman Rainbow, Kuala Lumpur, not only provides a safe and secure environment to over 30 underprivileged children but also education opportunities to its herd, believing it to be key in breaking the cycle of poverty and hardship.

This can best be exemplified by the three young girls who came under the care of Yayasan Hiichiikok a few years back. Their father, Savantharaja Naidu, was struggling to raise six children as a single parent. Being the lone breadwinner, he desperately needed help ease the burden on his already overworked shoulders, especially with the education needs of three of his daughters – Shanya, Shavanya and Shalayla.

Yayasan Hiichiikok provided him with the solution and all three young girls have benefitted greatly from being under the supervision of the Home’s experienced and caring administrators and volunteers. A very grateful Savantharaja recently wrote to the Home expressing his deepest and sincerest gratitude as his three girls under the care of Yayasan Hiichiikok have performed well academically. The eldest girl – Shanya – had scored 6As in her SPM. He was especially overcome when informed that Shanya had been given a scholarship to pursue a Psychology degree at SEGi University.

Savantharaja believes that the scholarship will pave the way for his eldest daughter to escape the cycle of hardship and poverty that seems to have entrapped his family. He has high hopes that under the continued guidance of Yayasan Hiichiikok, the other two girls will follow in the footsteps of their elder sibling and forge a better path in life through better education opportunities.

Yayasan Hiichiikok was set up as an avenue for HCK Capital Group and its subsidiaries to execute corporate social responsibility initiatives. For more information on Yayasan H Hiichiikok, kindly go to: https://hiichiikokfoundation.com/

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