We are 5!

March 10 marks a significant date in the calendar of Hiichiikok Home For Children Care!

The Home commenced when a pair of siblings was accepted into the Home at 8 Jalan Cempedak, 51200 Sentul, Kuala Lumpur on 10 March 2014 and by now we have gone through the journey together for 5 years!

Yes, on 10 March 2019, we celebrated our 5th Anniversary with a simple tea where our supportive sponsors brought us cakes and sumptuous food to be shared with our guests, children and staff.

On 28 April 2018, we moved to 2 Jalan Sungkai, off Jalan Ipoh, Taman Rainbow, 51100 Kuala Lumpur.  The current venue provides a bigger space and more comfort for the children.
Though we currently have 17 children in our care (10 girls and 7 boys), we have had more than 50 children who have gone through the journey with us.  
We believe in stretching out our hands to support those who are in need.  Whilst the children are in our care, we hope to relieve the family of the difficulties they are facing and concentrate on rebuilding their lives whilst we concentrate on molding their children. 
Once the families are ready to provide for their children and family, we believe the parents should exercise their duties and responsibilities to take care of their own children.  
Education and character building are the priorities of the Home. The children have made us proud by achieving 1A, 2As, 3As and 4As in their UPSR examinations over the last 4 years and in the recent SPM examination we have a 2As achiever.  It is not easy for the children to achieve such results and for this, we have to thank all the volunteers who spent their time and monies giving regular tuition and encouragement to the children.
Our children also shine in the sports field filling up the pedestal with trophies and medals from their school Sports Days.  

We have had one girl accepted into a Sports School where we journeyed with her through her training and competition days.

Whilst it is our objective to see each and every child enter the gate of universities, we have to be realistic that not every child is academically inclined.  There are those who have the potential to develop in technical skills.  We recognized this and provide the children another path of development.

We currently have a girl undergoing a 2-year training in Montfort to learn the skills of Baking, Pastry and Hospitality.  It’s a stay-in program and during holidays she will return to our big family of 16 siblings and many mothers!

It has not been an easy 5-year journey but the support and encouragement from our supporters, donors and volunteers gave us the adrenaline to surge forward and we believe with our passion and commitment we will not only walk through the next 5 years but will let the journey continue to see more children grow into good citizens of our country.

We would like to take this opportunity to say

“Thank You”

to all our very supportive partners in charity for being with us, for sharing your love for the children, for standing by us when the road got rough and for being with us all the time!

Reported by Diana Ooi on 25 March 2019