Turning The Kids Into Little Chefs Cum Nutritionists

They say that we are what we eat. Therefore the children should always be mindful about what they put into their mouths, although they usually disregard their health at such a young age.

With that in mind, the Global Youth Ambassadors from Indonesia have astutely organised a Superhero Nutrition event at the HiiChiiKok Foundation to teach the tots about the importance of nutrition.

Everyone can be a little shy at the beginning, so an ice-breaking session was first conducted, but with a twist towards food.

Two of the delegates had the ball rolling by delivering a narrative about balanced nutrition. They were setting the stage for the fairy godmother, one of their members who was dressed in a dainty costume complete with balloon wings. Like every fairy godmother, she came bearing gifts.

These came in the form of the various foods which she used as props to engage the children.

As she weaved her spell, more of the delegates came to share their knowledge about bacteria, germs and vegetables. 

The teaching aids were not only effective but delicious nutrition boxes. Several nutrition boxes were provided, each containing a different division of nutritious food.

To ramp up the engagement level, the children were then given the opportunity to recount the food they ate. To create awareness, they will then have to relate it to the diseases that such food could cause.

But a lesson on nutrition is never complete without the opportunity to sample some of the healthy food mentioned. However, the children will need to work for their meals. 

Together with the delegates, they made sandwiches which were burgeoning with egg, smoked beef and cheese.

A heavy tummy makes a happy tot, so they were very receptive towards the lessons being taught.

This fun-filled day is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to: https://hiichiikokfoundation.com/ 


人们常说,我们是我们吃的东西。因此,孩子们应该始终注意他们吃进嘴里的东西,尽管他们通常在这么小的年纪就忽视了自己的健康。 考虑到这一点,来自印度尼西亚的全球青年大使们巧妙地在HiiChiiKok基金会组织了一场超级英雄营养活动,向孩子们教授营养的重要性。

每个人刚开始都可能有些害羞,因此首先进行了一个打破僵局的环节,但是与食物相关的。 两位代表通过讲述关于平衡营养的故事开启了序幕。他们为仙女教母铺平了道路,她是他们成员中的一位,身着精致的服装,配有气球翅膀。像每一个仙女教母一样,她带着礼物而来。

这些礼物以各种食物的形式出现,她用它们作为道具吸引孩子们的注意力。 当她施展她的魔法时,更多的代表们来分享他们关于细菌、病菌和蔬菜的知识。

教学辅助工具不仅有效而且美味——营养盒。提供了几个营养盒,每个盒子里包含了不同类型的营养食品。 为了提高参与度,然后让孩子们有机会讲述他们吃的食物。

为了提高意识,他们随后必须把它与这些食物可能引起的疾病联系起来。 但是,营养课程永远不完整,如果没有机会品尝一些提到的健康食品。

然而,孩子们需要为自己的饭菜努力工作。 他们与代表们一起制作三明治,里面装满了鸡蛋、熏牛肉和奶酪。 饱腹的孩子是快乐的孩子,所以他们对所学的课程非常接受。 这充满乐趣的一天只是孩子们每周参与的众多丰富活动之一。有关Hiichiikok基金会的更多信息,请访问:https://hiichiikokfoundation.com/

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