More Than Just A Sunny Day At The Sunway Lagoon

We could say it was a splashing good time for the children of the Hiichiikok Foundation last weekend at the Sunway Lagoon.

The “Hope For Joy” event was organised by Persatuan Qipao Antarabangsa Malaysia China with the support and grace of Puteri Rosmawini Tengku Dato Muiz Shah Tengku Temenggong Abdul Aziz Binti Abdullah Puteri Tengku Abdullah Wini.

It was organised to give hope and joy to the children from three children’s homes, with the Hiichiikok Home For Children Care being one of them. 

Note that the charity event was also sponsored by several generous organisations, namely Smart Master, Total Beaut and Sunway Lagoon.

The children had their fill that day at the four main attractions, playing to their heart’s content. But it was more than just fun and games. The event also served as a way for them to bond with their caretakers while immersed in an atmosphere of joy and fun.

In spite of all the entertainment, the caretakers always had their eyes on the children, whether they were taking a ride 

at the attractions or swimming in the pools. Safety will always be at the forefront, whichever the condition.

Play, although good for the soul, can be very tiring too.

Therefore the children were mostly famished after several hours. They emerged from it all with prune fingers, a starving belly and a smiling face. 

What awaited them was a generous Burger King lunch for all. Although hunger has a way of subtracting from one’s manners, the children were taught to dispose of their rubbish in the designated dustbins. A keen eye would not be able to spot a single residue to mark the huge Burger King lunch shared by them all.

Puteri Rosmawini later graced the event, spending quality time there with the children. She was the very soul of kindness, her charitable nature matched only by her gentle gestures and sweet smile.

This fun-filled day is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to: 

上周末对于Hiichiikok基金会的孩子们来说,可以说是一个充满欢乐的时光,在Sunway Lagoon度过了一个愉快的时光。

“希望与欢乐”活动是由马来西亚中国旗袍国际协会组织的,得到了Puteri Rosmawini Tengku Dato Muiz Shah Tengku Temenggong Abdul Aziz Binti Abdullah Puteri Tengku Abdullah Wini的支持和恩宠。

这次活动旨在给来自三个儿童之家的孩子们带来希望和快乐,其中Hiichiikok儿童护理之家就是其中之一。 值得注意的是,此慈善活动还得到了Smart Master、Total Beaut和Sunway Lagoon等几个慷慨组织的赞助。 孩子们在当天的四个主要景点尽情玩耍,尽情享受。但这不仅仅是游戏和乐趣。这次活动还让他们有机会在快乐和欢乐的氛围中与他们的照顾者建立联系。 尽管有所有的娱乐活动,照顾者们始终把眼睛盯着孩子们,无论他们是在游乐设施上玩耍还是在游泳池里游泳。

无论情况如何,安全始终是最重要的。 游戏虽然对灵魂有益,但也可能非常累人。 因此,孩子们在几个小时后大多数都感到饥饿。他们从中走出来,手指泡得像李子一样,饥肠辘辘,脸上却挂着微笑。 等待他们的是一顿丰盛的汉堡王午餐。尽管饥饿有一种减少一个人礼貌的方式,但孩子们被教导要把垃圾扔进指定的垃圾桶。一个敏锐的眼睛不会发现一丝残留来标记他们所有人一起分享的巨大汉堡王午餐。

Puteri Rosmawini后来出席了活动,与孩子们一起度过了愉快的时光。她是善良的灵魂,她的慈善天性只能与她温柔的举止和甜美的微笑相媲美。 这充满乐趣的一天只是孩子们每周参与的许多丰富活动之一。