Founder Message

I know what it’s like to be poor, having been born and raised in a village, Engkilo, which is beside the Rajang River in Sibu, Sarawak. My late father was a wharf labourer and my late mother, a rubber tapper. Society has given my family and I so much, so I should feel obligated to help those deserving, knowing how much it would mean to them. This is how the Hiichiikok Foundation came about. I wanted the underprivileged, especially children, to have the opportunity of leading a better life.

The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care was set up to provide a shelter for underprivileged kids to have a conducive environment for holistic personal growth – not just in their studies, but in every facet of their lives. We hope that the children will leave the Home much better individuals, ready to take on the world, than from when they first came to us.

The Foundation also provides scholarships to those in need. We believe that education is the best way for one to break free from the cycle of poverty. No one should be denied the opportunity to study on account of financial constraints.

Tan Sri Clement Hii

Member of Our Executive Committee

The list of Executive Committee for Hiichiikok Foundation

Tan Sri Clement Hii

Mr Clifford Hii

Ms Adeline Hii

Ms Cheryl Chong

Mr Lee Kok Cheng

Mr Mak Ngan Hoe