L & R Wedding Run with HCK kids

Our home has a regular group of dedicated volunteers. Among them are Raymond, Leena and their group of friends who are all avid runners. In 2015 and 2016, they organised charity runs to raise funds for the Home. This year they were of tremendous help when we were moving from the previous location in Sentul to Jalan Sungkai.

This group spent 4 consecutive, precious weekends cleaning the new house at Jalan Sungkai where we are located now. On top of that, they dedicated another 2 days after that for the actual move. They lent their own 4-wheel drive, trucks and personal cars as well as muscle and sweat for the mega move.

If fact, they are so dedicated to the Home and love the children here so much that they even made the children part of their wedding at Lake Gardens in October this year. That is why we decided to include a news piece about their wedding here as a small and humble way to pay tribute to them for their generosity and kindness.

Raymond and Leena’s wedding was fondly called the L ❤ R Wedding Run with HCK Kids. Ms Tan Poh See, their close friend and also loyal supporter of the Home, was instrumental in making this ultra unconventional and sporty wedding a reality. She organised almost everything single-handedly and was even the emcee of the ceremony.

Decorating the ‘wedding hall’

The wedding started as early as 7am. Both bridegroom and groom arrived in their running outfits. All the guests and children gathered at the meeting point in Lake Gardens to decorate the open air ‘wedding hall’ and to warm-up for a short run.

Warm-up before the run

The run was the start of the wedding procession. There was much fun fare indeed, as a fellow runner held an umbrella over the bridegroom who wore a wedding veil on top of her running gear! The best men and maids of honour jog-scorted the lucky wedding pair with colourful sparkly corsage followed by a trail of runners, guests and HCK children. 

The run led by Raymond and Leena
Wedding guest living it up with his golden corsage

The run ended at the ‘wedding hall’ where they took a huge group photo then got entertained by Poh See and Ms Diana Ooi, who sang a song / gave a speech together. The fun-loving bunch decided to celebrate the birthdays of all the October babies at the same time. 

Ms Diana and Poh See dedicate a song to the wedding couple

After a hearty breakfast, the group gave presents to the children and organisers for their participation. Then came the moment everybody was waiting for – the bouquet-catching part. It was hilarious, as the groom wanted to throw something as well, so they gave him a small red pillow decorated with flower embroidery. 

Raymond (with his red pillow) and Leena with her bouquet

There were so many balloons put up for decoration. It was a waste to not maximise the fun that balloons can offer, so the day ended with another fun activity – balloon stomping! Of course, it was the boys who dominated the task of balloon elimination. 

It’s all about love 

Once again, on behalf of all the children, we thank Raymond, Leena, Poh See and friends for making the Home and the children a big part of their lives. Bless you all!