Illuminating Children’s Rights With The Light Of Deepavali

Deepavali has always captured the imagination with the many clay lamps that Hindus light to illuminate the night. But when this festival is celebrated alongside World Children’s Day, sparks are bound to fly.

Several weeks back, the children of Hiichiikok Foundation attended the Deepavali And World Children’s Day Celebration Dinner, organised by the Budimas Charitable Foundation. 

Other orphanages and homes were equally invited, but the children of Hiichiikok Foundation were given the honour of unofficially officiating the charity dinner with an opening performance.

About 21 children ranging from seven to 15 years old went up the stage to deliver a smashing Jai Ho dance. They looked radiant in their traditional Indian dresses of bright purple, red, beige and blue.

Then there was a solo dance performance by Dimple who amidst cheers and applause, entranced the audience with her lively moves. When they returned to their tables, a vivacious clown came up to entertain them with hand-crafted balloons in all shapes and sizes.

Once it was time to stop clowning around, the children were given coloured papers to create a wish card in conjunction with World Children’s Day, which celebrates children’s rights.

Flowers, hearts and origami swans were quickly formed by their deft fingers. These were then adhered to a single manila cardboard to unify 

their collective artwork.

Then there was the Kolam colouring competition in conjunction with Deepavali. While everyone was busy sprinkling coloured rice flour, the judges made their rounds.

Delightfully, the children of Hiichiikok Foundation won second place in the contest which was judged together with the wishing card contest.

Later on, food was distributed in the form of roti canai, curried rice and barbecued chicken. It is safe to say that there were no hungry tummies that day. Before concluding the event, goody bags were also distributed to the children so that their smiles remained even after returning home.

This enriching event is one of the many that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to:





大约有21名年龄在七到十五岁之间的孩子们走上舞台,进行了一场惊艳的“胜利之歌”舞蹈。 他们身着传统的印度服装,色彩鲜艳,有紫色、红色、米色和蓝色。




接下来是与屠妖节相关的Kolam着色比赛。 在每个人都忙着撒上彩色米粉的时候,评委们开始评审。




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