Celebrating Raya And The Spirit Of Inclusiveness

It is said that there is no better way to appreciate the culture of another race than by participating in their celebrations.

This is more than just a simple act of eating the cuisine of a particular race, but a subtle way to weave the strands of inclusivity within the people’s hearts. 

And what better time than when they are young and innocent, untainted by the destructive politics that sadly still hold a central role in our country?

Therefore the Hiichiikok Home For Children has always been active in its role in shaping the children under its care to become all-rounded individuals who appreciate the diversity of race and religion.

That opportunity came during the buka puasa dinner at Lumi Marketplace, Tropicana Petaling Jaya, held by Yayasan Feruni.

Nine homes under the patronage of Yayasan Feruni and LMP participated in the feasting, including the Hiichiikok Home For Children. The children had their fill that night with the sumptuous spread consisting of a wide array of Malay cuisine. Plates were filled to the brim with delicious delicacies, but no wastage was in sight, courtesy of the discipline taught to the children.

It was not all tradition and culture for there came a pleasant Western twist in the form of a marshmallow chocolate fondue. 

The children looked comical with their mouths, cheeks and cute little fingers smeared in brown. Apart from the food, they also received a generous amount of Duit Raya from LMP.

More than just the lavish spread and money, the event was a celebration of the mingling between people from all walks of life and races. Their skin colour, religion and ideals may be different, but they are certainly united in joy and happiness.

This fun-filled day is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to: https://hiichiikokfoundation.com/ 


据说,欣赏另一个种族的文化没有比参与他们的庆祝活动更好的方式了。 这不仅仅是简单地品尝某种种族的美食,而是一种微妙地在人们心中编织包容性的方式。 而什么时候比他们年轻天真、未被我们国家中令人遗憾的仍然占据主导地位的破坏性政治所污染的时候更好呢? 因此,Hiichiikok儿童之家一直积极发挥着其在塑造其照顾下的孩子们成为全面发展的个体,欣赏种族和宗教多样性的角色。 这个机会就在由Yayasan Feruni在Tropicana Petaling Jaya的Lumi Marketplace举办的破晓晚餐中出现了。

 在Yayasan Feruni和LMP的庇护下,包括Hiichiikok儿童之家在内的九个家庭参加了这次盛宴。孩子们在那个夜晚享用了丰盛的马来美食,盘子里装满了美味的佳肴,但没有浪费,这要归功于孩子们接受的纪律。

 除了传统和文化外,还有一种愉快的西方风味,即棉花糖巧克力火锅。 孩子们的嘴巴、脸颊和可爱的小手指沾满了棕色。除了食物,他们还从LMP得到了丰厚的Duit Raya。


他们的肤色、宗教和理想也许不同,但在欢乐和幸福中他们肯定是团结在一起的。 这充满乐趣的一天只是孩子们每周参与的许多丰富活动之一。有关Hiichiikok基金会的更多信息,请访问:https://hiichiikokfoundation.com/