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The campus of Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) was alive with the sound of music, laughter and merry making as visitors arrived I droves for the ‘Caring Hearts, Changing Lives’ event. A CSR event organised by HCK Capital Group (HCK) in aid of Yayasan Hiichiikok, the developer had pledged to match Ringgit for Ringgit sales made on the day with donations to the Home for underprivileged children.

The event featured musical performances by children from Yayasan Hiichiikok as well as numerous booths offering a variety of games to entertain the multitude of visitors. HCK staff were joined by those from partner financial institutions and real estate agencies, allowing staff of these stakeholders to network as well as exercise their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

A number of the visitors had come specifically to view the Harvard Suites on site while others were visitors to the CSR event who took the opportunity to check out the properties on offer.

“Weekends tend to attract more visitors who come to check out the Harvard Suites,” says Sean Ong, HCK Director for Business Relations Properties Division. “There is no reason why we can’t support a good cause through our sales and marketing channels.”

Ong also thanked students and parents from Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) and Peninsula Private School for taking an active part in the day’s events. They, too, set up stalls selling foodstuffs to raise funds and showcased their talents with a dance performance.

Given the success of the ‘Caring Hearts, Changing Lives’ event, Ong says there will be more CSR events in the future where greater awareness can be created by leveraging on Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) and Peninsula Private School as well as HCK’s property events.

Yayasan Hiichiikok is based in Taman Rainbow, Kuala Lumpur and aims to provide a safe and secure refuge for underprivileged children. It also aims to provide education opportunities for these children to escape their impoverished circumstances. For more information, please go to:


澳大利亚半岛国际学校(马来西亚分校)的校园充满了音乐、笑声和欢声笑语,随着参观者蜂拥而至参加“关怀之心,改变生命”活动。这是HCK Capital Group(HCK)为Hiichiikok基金会举办的一场企业社会责任(CSR)活动,开发商承诺将当天销售额逐一配对,并捐赠给贫困儿童之家。



HCK房地产事业关系部总监Sean Ong表示:“周末通常吸引更多前来查看哈佛套房的游客。通过我们的销售和营销渠道支持善举毫无不可。”



Hiichiikok基金会位于吉隆坡Taman Rainbow,致力于为贫困儿童提供安全的庇护所,并为这些儿童提供逃离贫困环境的教育机会。欲获取更多信息,请访问:

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