Building more than sand castles at Port Dickson

For many people, a vacation by the beach is all about leaving the hectic world behind to embrace the wonders of nature. But for the children of HiiChiiKok Foundation, it takes on a whole new world of meaning.

All the children and staff, with the exception of a select few, participated in the activity. The weekday was chosen so the beach was relatively quiet and free from holidayers, just the perfect time for a wealth of activities.

The children went right into the water, which was just fine that day. Those who observed their antics can all agree that the children of HiiChiiKok Foundation were born to swim. 

But beyond the sound of laughter and fun, vigilance was maintained at all times. The older children were taught responsibility by acting as mini mentors to their younger friends. 

Safe to say, this was a great bonding session between the kids and their guardians, and everyone had a splashing good time. Once they had all expended their energy frolicking at the beach, they then returned to the shores for a simple yet rejuvenating picnic. The meals were lovingly prepared by the staff prior.

Plastic forks and spoons made a play at the beach and paper plates were handed around. Although everyone had a great appetite, they were careful not to litter the place. All rubbish was duly collected by the children and disposed of accordingly. While people are building sand castles by the beach, the kids are building character.

Later that evening, they would retire for a one-night stay at a semi-detached home with a quaint view overlooking the beach. When all the fun and festivity has finally settled down, all that remains is the lesson they will take to heart.

Even before their departure on the morrow, the children were required to work as a team to clean up their lodging. It is a stark reminder that regardless of time and place, their civic duties must always be at the forefront. 

This fun-filled event is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to:










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