Big Hearts Make The World Go Round

They say entrepreneurs are great with business ideas, but the bright folks from MDMT013 also have many amazing ideas for charity. This 16 of June marks a colourful day filled with their many initiatives, with the Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care being the blessed venue.

There, three fun activities were conducted simultaneously, haircut from Kami Salon, talent reading by Show & Tell and eye tests by Halo Optical. All the children sported neat and vogue haircuts that day. 

Also, it was noted through the many eye tests conducted that quite a number of the children had eyesight problems. 

They were then given spectacles, fully sponsored by Halo Optical.

Besides the gifts in the form of benefits-in-kind, MDMT013 generously contributed RM24,000 to Yayasan Hiichiikok bank account. These will cover monthly tuition fees of RM1,200 per month for a span of 12 months, repair of the kitchen roof amounting to RM4,500, and the balance to be used as the home deems necessary.

That is but the tip of the charity iceberg. They further contributed seven new stand fans to the home to beat back the heatwave that has been making news. Education nowadays is synonymous with technology, so it was very thoughtful for them to also donate five refurbished laptops to the home.

This would not be a one-sided event for the children reciprocated with two stellar performances, a Thank You song by Celine Dion and a dance accompanied by the song Ting Wo Shuo Xie Xie Ni. In an amazing fit of language mastery, two of the children came to the front to give thank-you speeches. Shalayla made hers in Mandarin while Tommy was in English.

Titus gave a touching speech on his life experiences with the other homes before being admitted to the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care. 

Speaking of entrepreneurship, the children gave a demonstration of their business acumen by selling popcorn, notebooks and hand-drawn paintings to raise funds for school fees. 

This fun-filled day is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to: 

人们常说企业家在商业方面总有许多创意,但这群来自 MDMT013 的人同样有许多了不起的慈善主意。随着他们在许志国基金会儿童之家所举办的许多活动,6 月 16 日成为了一个特别的日子。 

当天所进行的三项活动,包括由Kami Salon 负责理发、Show & Tell 的才艺表演和Halo Optical 负责进行视力检查。所有的孩子在当天都换上了一头整洁时尚的发型。 

通过视力检查,许多孩子被测出有视力问题。而他们亦获得了由 Halo Optical 全额赞助的眼镜。 


孩子们则通过两场精彩的表演来回报大家。他们表演了席琳·迪翁的《Thank You》,以及《听我说谢谢你》。令人惊叹的是,两位孩子以不同语言,来表达他们的感激之情,Shalayla 以中文致辞;Tommy则以英文致辞。另外,Titus讲述了他被送许志国基金会儿童之家之前,在其他中心的生活经历,其言辞令人感动。 

在创业方面,孩子们通过销售爆米花、笔记本和手绘画来筹集学费,亦展示了他们的商业头脑。 这开心的一天,只是孩子们每周所享受的众多活动之一。欲了解更多有关许志国基金会的消息,请浏览: