Creativity Shines Brighter Than The Moon This Mid-Autumn Festival

Creativity has always been the boundless energy that fuels our progress. But more than that, there is great joy in watching it develop in a child who seeks to understand the world around them.

It is this energy that will help them develop into well-learned individuals. Hence the children of HiiChiiKok Foundation did not miss the opportunity to exercise their creativity in the passing Mid Autumn Festival celebration, organised by the Touching Lives Club.

A total of 34 children, 5 caretakers and 4 volunteers took part in the event which was held at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. It was a “flourful” time, with the children handling and moulding coloured flour with their gloved hands.

Within moments, the table tops were filled with balls of flour, all ready to be pressed into the ubiquitous mooncake forms that we all knew and loved.

These adorable and delectable art pieces were then kept in dainty red boxes which they could then bring home as a memento.

But the mooncake festival is never complete with the mooncakes alone. With that said, the children also tried their hands at making the traditional lanterns that lighted the night alongside the full moon.

Cardboard pieces were meticulously cut into frames, with some pieces folded over to assume a cube shape. Then transparent yellow plastic is stretched over these cutouts to complete the lantern.

Creativity was not the only thing they expressed that day. The children also took part in the lantern procession that led to a stage where they sang songs about the mooncake festival.

This certainly helped boost their confidence since they had to perform in front of a crowd of cheering spectators. If anyone had the mind to look up, they would have noticed the moon shining bright that night. But we are certain that their youth, passion and creativity shines brighter.

This fun-filled night is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to:



正是这种能量将帮助他们成长为学富五车的个体。因此,HiiChiiKok基金会的孩子们不放过了通过Touching Lives Club组织的中秋庆祝活动锻炼他们的创意的机会。









Instilling Patriotism Into Our Leaders Of Tomorrow

Regardless of who we are, poor, rich, young, or old, there is no excuse not to love our country. But more than that, this noble expression is the lifeblood of every successful country. 

When people are able to collectively sacrifice, work and drive the country forward, everyone benefits in a holistic manner. With that in mind, the Hiichiikok Foundation is always searching for opportunities to plant the seeds of patriotism into the hearts of the children.

The 10th of Sept this year marked a wonderful chance, presented by the Bahai Merdeka Unity Devotional & Social Group Action. The gathering at the Bahai Center was organised to foster greater unity while spreading joy and patriotism in conjunction with Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day.

The event was attended by 27 people from the HiiChiiKok Foundation, which consisted of 23 children, 2 caretakers and 2 drivers. The children performed three songs that evening as requested by the organiser, among them being Tanggal 31 Ogos by Sudirman. It was a sea of red and white stripes with the children waving their flags in the air.

“The crowd enjoyed the performances so much that they requested an encore to one of the songs and our children even added another one of their favourite songs,” said Frieda Ngui, Guardian at the Hiichiikok Foundation.

One of the girls even stepped up to entertain the crowd with several Malay poems when the other children backed down. The performance may be over, but the spirit of nationalism lingered through the art canvas painting session.

Each child was handed a square of canvas with a semicircle drawn on it. They ran wild with their creativity, producing rainbows, homes with figures, or abstract art that speaks of their boundless imagination.

Smiles lit their small little faces. Cute hands were anointed with vibrant colours. Everyone had a wholesomely, good time. Undoubtedly, the children will carry the memory of their beloved country home through the songs and artwork. 

This fun-filled evening is but one of the many enriching activities that the children indulge in on a weekly basis. For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to:

Buying For A Good Cause

The campus of Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) was alive with the sound of music, laughter and merry making as visitors arrived I droves for the ‘Caring Hearts, Changing Lives’ event. A CSR event organised by HCK Capital Group (HCK) in aid of Yayasan Hiichiikok, the developer had pledged to match Ringgit for Ringgit sales made on the day with donations to the Home for underprivileged children.

The event featured musical performances by children from Yayasan Hiichiikok as well as numerous booths offering a variety of games to entertain the multitude of visitors. HCK staff were joined by those from partner financial institutions and real estate agencies, allowing staff of these stakeholders to network as well as exercise their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

A number of the visitors had come specifically to view the Harvard Suites on site while others were visitors to the CSR event who took the opportunity to check out the properties on offer.

“Weekends tend to attract more visitors who come to check out the Harvard Suites,” says Sean Ong, HCK Director for Business Relations Properties Division. “There is no reason why we can’t support a good cause through our sales and marketing channels.”

Ong also thanked students and parents from Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) and Peninsula Private School for taking an active part in the day’s events. They, too, set up stalls selling foodstuffs to raise funds and showcased their talents with a dance performance.

Given the success of the ‘Caring Hearts, Changing Lives’ event, Ong says there will be more CSR events in the future where greater awareness can be created by leveraging on Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) and Peninsula Private School as well as HCK’s property events.

Yayasan Hiichiikok is based in Taman Rainbow, Kuala Lumpur and aims to provide a safe and secure refuge for underprivileged children. It also aims to provide education opportunities for these children to escape their impoverished circumstances. For more information, please go to:


澳大利亚半岛国际学校(马来西亚分校)的校园充满了音乐、笑声和欢声笑语,随着参观者蜂拥而至参加“关怀之心,改变生命”活动。这是HCK Capital Group(HCK)为Hiichiikok基金会举办的一场企业社会责任(CSR)活动,开发商承诺将当天销售额逐一配对,并捐赠给贫困儿童之家。



HCK房地产事业关系部总监Sean Ong表示:“周末通常吸引更多前来查看哈佛套房的游客。通过我们的销售和营销渠道支持善举毫无不可。”



Hiichiikok基金会位于吉隆坡Taman Rainbow,致力于为贫困儿童提供安全的庇护所,并为这些儿童提供逃离贫困环境的教育机会。欲获取更多信息,请访问:

Event For Hope

Yayasan Hiichiikok is a home for under-privileged children based in Taman Rainbow, Kuala Lumpur, offering safe refuge as well as an opportunity to escape impoverished circumstances through education. It was established to allow HCK Capital Group, its subsidiaries and associated stakeholders and partners to exercise its CSR initiatives, allowing for a meaningful exercise in giving back to society.

One such event – Caring Hearts, Changing Lives: A CSR Adventure – will be held at Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) on 24 June 2023, 10am-5pm. It is essentially a fundraiser involving staff of HCK Capital Group as well as those of invited stakeholders such as UOB Bank Berhad and real estate agencies, with members of the public encouraged to join in.

Participating staff will be setting up stalls selling food and other items alongside those by Yayasan Hiichiikok children with all proceeds going towards funding the Home as well as potential scholarships for deserving students.

Designed to create greater awareness of Yayasan Hiichiikok, the event will also provide a meaningful platform for staff of various participating organisations to know each other better. Aside from manning stalls, children from Yayasan Hiichiikok will also put on musical performances showcasing their talents.

“Yayasan Hiichiikok sincerely thanks everyone who put in their time and energy towards making this event a success. Apart from fund raising, it is a means to highlight to the children they are not forgotten and there are always people willing to give a lending hand to the needy,” says Frieda Ngui, Chief administrator at Yayasan Hiichiikok. “We invite everyone to join us on the day to spread some good will, cheer and positivity.”

Visitors to the event can also request for a tour of the venue’s school campus as well as visit the Harvard Suites, which are on site. For more enquiries, please call: 018-969 1964.

Yayasan Hiichiikok offers scholarships to deserving students

Yayasan Hiichiikok provides much needed food and shelter to over 30 under privileged children at its home in Taman Rainbow in Kuala Lumpur. But more than that, it also provides the means and opportunity for these children to escape the cycle of poverty through education.

Yayasan Hiichiikok was set up as a means for HCK Capital Group and its subsidiaries to carry out is corporate social responsibility initiatives. Yayasan Hiichiikok is able to provide scholarships to deserving children under its care via its links to SEG International Berhad (SEGi) which operates a number of private tertiary education institutions as well as international schools throughout the country.

It is through this connection with SEGi that Yayasan Hiichiikok is able to provide avenues for deserving students under its care to fulfill their potential through higher education. Two such students from Yayasan Hiichiikok has certainly seized the opportunity after both were offered scholarships, inclusive of boarding, following exemplary SPM results.

Fong Boon Siew and Shanya Savantharaja Naidu, both aged 19, are currently pursuing Foundation in Arts programme at SEGi University, Kota Damansara. Fong’s ambitions is to become a cybersecurity expert after becoming interested in the subject during lockdown. Hours of delving on the subject convinced her that this was, indeed, her calling and she still cannot quite believe that she is able to pursue a Degree in Cybersecurity on a scholarship.

Shanya, meanwhile, has hopes of obtaining a Degree in Psychology after completing the Foundation programme. She, too, is ecstatic at the opportunity provided through Yayasan Hiichiikok firmly believing it to be a pathway to escape difficult circumstances. She is keen to point out that Yayasan Hiichiikok encourages all children under its care to strive for better academic results, with opportunities at both tertiary and vocational institutions available to deserving students.

“If not for the scholarship, I would not have been able to afford the degree programme at SEGi University,” says Shanya. “Higher education is a means for me to improve myself and I hope to be a role model to my siblings.”

Echoing those sentiments, Fong is eternally grateful to Yayasan Hiichiikok for providing her with the opportunity to study not just in a premium private tertiary institution but also in a multi-cultural environment. Noting interactions with international students as one of her favourite aspects of studying at SEGi, she urges all her peers at Yayasan Hiichiikok to seize the opportunity by concentrating all their efforts in their SPM examinations. Both scholars are also doing their part paying-it-forward by tutoring younger children at Yayasan Hiichiikok during weekends in the hope that others can emulate their achievements.

“Nothing is impossible. With a stable and secure environment coupled with the guidance of Yayasan Hiichiikok counsellors, students can concentrate their efforts in turning their lives into something positive through higher education,” counsels Fong. “Shanya and I are proof of that.”

For more information on Yayasan Hiichiikok, please go to:

Yayasan Hiichiikok provides education opportunities to break cycle of poverty

Beyond providing food and shelter to the needy and underprivileged, Yayasan Hiichiikok also places great emphasis on education. The Home which is based in Taman Rainbow, Kuala Lumpur, not only provides a safe and secure environment to over 30 underprivileged children but also education opportunities to its herd, believing it to be key in breaking the cycle of poverty and hardship.

This can best be exemplified by the three young girls who came under the care of Yayasan Hiichiikok a few years back. Their father, Savantharaja Naidu, was struggling to raise six children as a single parent. Being the lone breadwinner, he desperately needed help ease the burden on his already overworked shoulders, especially with the education needs of three of his daughters – Shanya, Shavanya and Shalayla.

Yayasan Hiichiikok provided him with the solution and all three young girls have benefitted greatly from being under the supervision of the Home’s experienced and caring administrators and volunteers. A very grateful Savantharaja recently wrote to the Home expressing his deepest and sincerest gratitude as his three girls under the care of Yayasan Hiichiikok have performed well academically. The eldest girl – Shanya – had scored 6As in her SPM. He was especially overcome when informed that Shanya had been given a scholarship to pursue a Psychology degree at SEGi University.

Savantharaja believes that the scholarship will pave the way for his eldest daughter to escape the cycle of hardship and poverty that seems to have entrapped his family. He has high hopes that under the continued guidance of Yayasan Hiichiikok, the other two girls will follow in the footsteps of their elder sibling and forge a better path in life through better education opportunities.

Yayasan Hiichiikok was set up as an avenue for HCK Capital Group and its subsidiaries to execute corporate social responsibility initiatives. For more information on Yayasan H Hiichiikok, kindly go to:

The Show Must Go On!

Children at the Hiichiikok Foundation overcame illness to ensure months of rehearsals and hard work did not go to waste. 

Displaying real grit and determination of hardened performers, the children from the Hiichiikok Foundation overcame tight schedules, lack of resources, manpower shortage and, on the eleventh hour, even bouts of illness to ensure the Dance With a Chance show went on without a hitch. 

This was a gala fundraising musical performance was held on 30 July 2022 at the Wisma Santa Mariam, Kuala Lumpur. Staged in association with Rockstarz Performing Arts Studio, 34 under privileged children aged between six and seventeen wowed the audience with a medley of tunes from Disney’s Encanto and the musical The Greatest Showman. Under the direction of musical director, Gabriel Ambrose, the songs have been interwoven to tell a story reflective of the performers’ own experiences. 

“The performance not only showcased these children’s hidden talents but taught them some very valuable lessons. Though faced with so many challenges and obstacles, the children soldiered on,” says Frieda Nhui, Guardian at Hiichiikok Foundation. “They learned that with perseverance and grit, anything can be overcome, including having an underprivileged background.” She was particularly proud of the sense of camaraderie that made those children stricken with the flu bug persevere as they did not want to let their peers down. 

Under the guidance of musical director Gabriel Ambrose, the children have been diligently rehearsing thrice a week for months in preparation for the big night. Ngui was effusive in her praise and gratitude for Ambrose and all those who helped make the event happen. She says Ambrose’s efforts, in particular, gave the children self-confidence and belief that they had the talent to put on a spellbinding show. 

Ngui says the long-term goal is to have regular performances such as this to allow the children to further flex their creative muse. It will also help build a self-sustaining source of revenue via show proceeds allowing for greater exposure to the performing arts for the children at Hiichiikok Foundation.

The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care was set up to provide a shelter for underprivileged kids to have a conducive environment for holistic personal growth – not just in their studies, but in every facet of their lives. It is hoped that the children will leave the Foundation much better individuals, ready to take on the world, than from when they first came to the Home.

Hiichiikok Foundation also provides scholarships to those in need. It believes that education is the best way for one to break free from the cycle of poverty. The message is that ‘no one should be denied the opportunity to study on account of financial constraints’. The proceeds from the musical performance will go towards realising this goal.

For more information on the Hiichiikok Foundation, please go to:

Adversity No Barrier To Academic Success

Students from under privileged backgrounds defy odds to display academic excellence.

Perseverance, a good work ethic and a positive mind set, are some of the characteristics that can help children from under privileged backgrounds overcome setbacks. Aligned with good education, there is every possibility for such children to break the cycle of poverty and hardship.

Under privileged does not necessarily equate to under performers as children from the Hiichiikok Foundation proved. Coupled with a strong determination to succeed, the desire to equip themselves with higher academic qualifications drove them to put in the extra hours required to attain exemplary results.

Children from the Hiichiikok Foundation are constantly bombarded with the message that ‘education matters’. Aside from providing a safe and secure environment for underprivileged children, Hiichiikok Foundation goes to great lengths to ensure that each and every child under its care gets a proper education as it firmly believes that it is a route towards self-betterment.

The tireless efforts of Hiichiikok Foundation’s administrators was reflected in the exemplary SPM results of some of its charges late last year. A shining example is Shanya Savantharaja Naidu who scored six distinctions. A number of children who were regarded as academically weak when they joined the Home were also spurred to gain necessary certification.

“With proper guidance and a nurturing environment, there is no limit to what our children can achieve,” says Frieda Ngui, Guardian at the Hiichiikok Foundastion. “We firmly believes that education is a sure way to break the cycle of poverty and hardship.”

Hiichiikok Foundation’s commitment towards education is also highlighted in its Bridges to Literacy programme which sees volunteers lend a hand tutoring students from less privileged backgrounds. Their efforts were rewarded when a number of their students displayed marked academic improvement. Nadia Sani and Shavanya Savantharaja Naidu were rewarded with Certificates of Excellence from their school – SMK Sentul Baru – for outstanding academic results in their respective years.

The help does not stop there as HCK Group also provides scholarship opportunities to deserving children. Shanya Savantharaja Naidu is one such scholarship recipient and she will be pursuing a Foundation in Arts programme leading to an Honours degree in Psychology at SEGi University. Another deserving scholar is Fong Boon Siew who will join the Foundation in Arts programme before pursuing an honours degree in Computer Science, specialising in cyber security, also at SEGi University.

“A good education allows these children the chance to build self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. If we can provide that, the Foundation will have done its job,” states Ngui.

The Home provides shelter for 35 under privileged children aged between six and seventeen, and was founded in 2012 by Tan Sri Clement Hii as part of HCK Group’s CSR initiative. To find put more, please go to: