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Adelaide Mini 2017 - Standalone LED Panel Controller

Presented by smartalec. A standalone programmable panel controller (Model HC-1) with support for multiple panel sizes and scan rates. Programmed with the included 'U-disk Asyn' Windows software.


Equinox Led Downlight by Mercator

CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR NEAREST STORE! http://www.mercator.com.au/stockists www.mercator.com.au Introducing the latest in LED Lighting innovation and technology. The Equinox LED is a 16 Watt...


How to safe money by switching to LED

A significant part of your home's energy bill is lighting – so how can you save money? The answer is by switching to LED. Philips LED bulbs consume less energy because they produce light...


60Hz vs 120Hz LED TV in Slow Motion

As you can see, there is not really a difference in term of motion blur between a 60 Hz and a 120Hz LED TV. Full article at: http://www.rtings.com/info/what-is-the-refresh-rate Models in this...


TOP 5 BEST LED LIGHTS!! (18v/20v Non-Hybrid)

LED Lights are something that everyone needs --- and these are my Top 5 picks for the best ones out there! Remember that 18v & 20v tools are technically the same voltage --- the "20v" branding...


T5 Fluorescent vs Thrive Agritech (Transcend) LED Grow Lights -Hydroponic Lettuce Test

In the world of florescent grow lights, T5 tube lights are very efficient and highly reliable for plant growth. They are an inexpensive investment, making them appealing to small-scale gardeners...



FINALLY! LITEPANELS HAS RELEASED A LIGHT THAT CAN EASILY RIVAL ARRI S60 SKYPANELS. For 2 years, DP's have been hounding us to pick up Arri S60 lights and we've resisted due to their heavy...


Best Budget RGB LED Flood Lights Setup

RGB Multi Colour LED Flood Light : 10W Outdoor Water Proof IP65 With Remote Control Buy Now - http://amzn.to/2cChPT9 Product Features : AC 85-265V 10W waterproof LED project lamp + remote...


Dracast LED 1000 Daylight Light Panel - High Speed Test

NOTE: there was a bit of apparent flicker at 3500 fps. According to the camera manufacturer, this was caused by variable noise at the particular ISO, frame and resolution settings - and is...


OctoWS2811 LED Library

An Arduino library for Teensy 3.0 which supports high performance WS2811 LED displays of any size at full video rates. http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_OctoWS2811.html.


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