Birthdays galore!

Birthdays galore! The Home recently held two birthday celebrations in a day. The first was with Executive Committee member of the Hiichiikok Foundation, Mr Clifford Hii, affectionately known as “Uncle Clifford” by the kids. The Home put t


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Home receives Hong Kong visitors

Home receives Hong Kong visitorsSome 30-odd students from the United Christian College in Kowloon East, Hong Kong visited the Home recently. The group was on a holiday in Malaysia and decided to take time off to spend time with the less fortunate as pa


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Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle Every once in a while, well-wishers help make life more enriching for children from the Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care. Recently, the kids went to Jungle Gym, a playland inside a mall in Petaling Jaya, cour


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Home marks 2nd anniversary

Home marks 2nd anniversary   March 10, 2016 marked the 2nd year of the operation of Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care. It was two years ago when 2 siblings walked into the Home, marking the commencement of our operations.  It is not a smoo


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Training for Home’s staff

Training for Home’s staffThose who think that taking care of a group of underprivileged kids doesn’t require much skills obviously have no inkling about child development and the commitment required from caregivers. Unless those taking care of the


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