Inspiring our kids

Inspiring our kidsChild Aid Asia recently held a charity show at KLPAC in Kuala Lumpur showcasing the talent of underprivileged children from Asian countries. Child Aid Asia, a not-for-profit organisation, had played an important part in


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Celebrating diversity

Celebrating diversityThough our Home does not have any Muslim children, we celebrated Hari Rayato let the children have a better understanding of our diversity.  So, the Home held a Hari Raya Aidil Fitri do, to mark the end of Muslims’ month-l


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The story behind the dumpling!

The story behind the dumpling! By Diana Ooi The 5th day of the 5th lunar month is when the Chinese mark the Dumplings Festival.  While most of us enjoy eating the dumplings (chang in Hokkien) many of the kids in our Home did not know the historical sig


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Rehda pricks the emotion

Rehda pricks the emotion Recently, My Shining Star Foundation, a non-profit organisation promoting children’s interests, sponsored kids from the Home to a movie outing. The kids watched Redha, a highly-acclaimed local production about the difficu


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Another feather to our cap!

Another feather to our cap! Thirteen-year-old Ma Pei Kei added another feather to the cap of Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care recently. Pei Kei was a testament of how one can triumph over obstacles if one were to work hard enough. Pei K


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