Hailey’s Heart of Gold

Hailey’s Heart of GoldInspiration can come from anywhere, from anyone no matter what age or creed. This story is about Hailey Fort, a 12-year-old American girl who started her philanthropist efforts five years ago. At such a young age, she ha


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We are moving!!!

We are moving!!!Having started our operations on 10 March 2014 (49 months ago) at Jalan Cempedak, Sentul we thought we would be at this place for quite some time. However, as time goes by we realised that it can no longer cater to our n


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Chinese New Year Open House

Chinese New Year Open HouseChinese New Year is a time when families get together on the eve and first day. Traditionally, the subsequent days of CNY are a time for visiting relatives. However, some of the children at our home do not get to enjoy t


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Happy CNY from all of us!

Happy CNY from all of us! A work from our kids, wishing everyone a blessed Year of the Dog! Travel safe, everyone!  


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Looking forward to 2018

Looking forward to 2018By Diana Ooi When “Dongzhi” 冬至 or Winter Soltice arrived in late Dec 2017, the excitement of making and eating “tungyuan” 汤圆 or glutinous rice balls comes with it. We have also made it a tradition in the Home to celebrate this occasion


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