How to spot a fake charity home?

How to spot a fake charity home?Children’s homes are mushrooming these days. These provide care and love to the underprivileged and often run on a shoestring budget. But there are also some which take advantage of the public’s generosity. These are fronts


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Appreciating our heritage

Appreciating our heritageDuring the recent Winter Solstice Festival, children in the Home got together to make glutinous rice balls, or tang yuan. Led by Hiichiikok Foundation Manager, Diana Ooi, children were taught what went into making the de


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!Seasons' greetings from the Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care. Here's a card signed by our children. Thanks again to all well-wishers and supporters. Your generosity is much appreciated!  


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Teaching kids to give back

Teaching kids to give backHaving been on the receiving end of the public’s generosity, our kids were also taught to give back to society, in whatever ways they could. It was with this in mind that the Home organised a gotong-royong to spruce up a n


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The Day I Became Part Of The Zoo

The Day I Became Part Of The Zoo By Diana Ooi The Children were all ready and eager.  In fact, their excitement started the day before when they were told of the trip to the zoo and it was meant for those who had completed their holiday homework.  Half


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