Donations to us now tax-exempt!

Donations to us now tax-exempt!Starting 1 March 2017, donations to the Hiichiikok Foundation is now tax-free. We received the good news via a letter to us from the Inland Revenue Department recently. This has brought much cheer to our supporters and d


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It’s our 3rd Year !

It’s our 3rd Year !By Diana Ooi 10 March 2017 marked the 3rd year of operation of Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care.  It has been a challenging 3 years!  Through the 3 years’ journey we did stumble and fall  but after every fall, w


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Welcoming the Year of the Rooster

Welcoming the Year of the RoosterOur Home recently held a Chinese New Year open house to celebrate the festive. Some 70 people turned up for the simple but meaningful event, including our charity partners, donors, volunteers, parents, staff and PTA memb


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A needless tragedy

A needless tragedyRecently, eight teenagers were killed after they were run down by a car in Johor Baru. According to media reports, the kids were taking part in illegal racing at around 3am, at a stretch notorious for such activities. It


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Happy Year of the Rooster!

Happy Year of the Rooster!Kids in our Home have made some CNY cards. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support and encouragement all these years. May the Year of the Rooster usher in goodwill and happiness to all!  


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