Home marks 2nd anniversary

March 10, 2016 marked the 2nd year of the operation of Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care. It was two years ago when 2 siblings walked into the Home, marking the commencement of our operations.  It is not a smooth sailing journey but the trust, confidence and support showered upon us by our supporters boost our energy to move on.  

 Not only are we moving on, it is our pledge to do the best we could. Today, there are 16 children in our care ranging from ages 5 to 16. All the children are sent to nearby government schools and even the youngest ones are sent to kindergarten the moment they are adapted to the Home environment.

 The aim of our Chairman, Tan Sri Clement Hii in setting up this Home is to give each and every child the opportunity to education and higher education.  The policy in the Home is, thus, not just a place providing the children food and shelter.  We are concerned with the children’s education and character building.

 It is not easy to try to straighten an already bent steel.  Trying to help them drop the emotional baggage and habits that they carry with them is indeed a challenge.

 Last year we have 2 of our children sitting for the UPSR examination and we are pleased that both passed and with one who brought back 4 As.  We are happy to see both moving straight into Form 1.  Thank you boys for making us proud.

 Besides the challenges of moulding the children, we are also facing the challenge in getting staff -   those who are committed to the cause.  In the 2 years we have those who came and went and to those who stayed and battled the challenges by our side through thick and thin, we “Thank You”!

 To our supporters, volunteers, our friends and partners in charity,  thank you for helping us to spread love to these children who have been deprived. It is a tough and challenging journey but with your love and your support, we promise to do better everytime.                                                                                

Diana Ooi


Hiichiikok Foundation


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