Port Dickson day out

Children from the Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care recently visited the Armed Forces Museum and an ostrich farm in Port Dickson. The visit was made possible by volunteers.

At the Armed Forces Museum, the kids learnt about history of the country’s armed forces and their immense contributions in nation building. Many of the children were excited to see for the first time the various weapons on display and the evolution of the country’s security forces.

At the ostrich farm, the children into close contact with various animals, not just the ostriches. They saw ostriches, monkeys, goats and rabbits, among others and fed some of the animals. For many, who had lived in the city, this was the first time they come into close contact with such animals.

Some of them also rode on the ostriches. One of the kids, Fasha Tham Ai Ying, overcame fear of the animal when her friends persuaded her to ride on an ostrich - an animal which she was terrified of. But she eventually developed courage and joined her friends in riding the animal.


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