Kids help raise funds

Children from the Home recently took part in a fund-raising carnival organised by the Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple in Sentul. The day-long annual event saw the kids learn about charity, and how to go about raising funds.

Putting up a confident front, the children sold items like papaya, pineapple, kuih, used toys, books and comics - most of which were donated by well-wishers. The kids learned about basic business operations while manning the two stalls allocated to the Home.

They also picked up on persuasion skills when selling their items and this helped boost their self confidence. Another important lesson the kids learnt is that they should not take the charity showered upon them for granted as it takes considerable efforts to raise funds.

“Life is not just about taking, but also giving. This is a value which we want to inculcate in the kids,” says Foundation manager, Ms Diana Ooi.


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