Home celebrates Festival of Lights

The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care recently held a Deepavali celebration at the Home. Volunteers, parents and well-wishers joined the children and their minders in celebrating the Festival of Lights, which also served as a lesson on culture and tradition for the kids.

The Home was decked with Deepavali decorations, including a kolam which the children had painstakingly joined hands to complete. To suit the occasion, the children were dressed in traditional Indian attires  donated by well-wishers. Hiichiikok Foundation’s Manager, Diana Ooi, together with Aunty Rani, the Home Assistant and Uncle Lee, prepared a spread of Indian food consisting of Nasi Briyani, Indian Cury Chicken, Chicken Kurma, mee goreng mamak, dalcha, acar and mixed vegetable for the party.  Some parents and wellwishers brought murukus and other snacks for all to enjoy.

For the Hindu children in the Home, the event was more memorable as they were able to celebrate the festive with their own families who were invited. There was lots of merrymaking and laughters amongst the children, the minders and visitors, including several senior staff from HCK Capital Group Bhd.

“Living in a multi racial country, we should know the cultures and traditions from the other ethnic groups to promote better understanding and tolerance which eventually leads to living in harmony with each other.  The celebrations is to teach the children of our rich culture and heritage,” said Ooi. 

“We want them to know about the practices of the different races living in Malaysia and learn to accept and respect each other despite our differences in cultures and traditions.This is why all  major festivals in Malaysia are celebrated in the Home.”

Children took hours to complete the kolam

Children took hours to complete the kolam

The celebration also acted as a lesson in diversity
The celebration also acted as a lesson on diversity

The completed kolam
The completed kolam

Indian delicacies galore
Indian food galore

Children dressed in traditional Indian attire
Children dressed in traditional Indian attire

The festival of lights brought joy to the Home
The Festival of Lights brought joy to the Home


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