Young fetes old in lesson on respect

It is important to teach kids filial piety, more so if they grow up lacking an elderly family member around them to look up to. It is with this in mind that the Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care organised a visit to an old folks’ home, The Little Sister of the Poor, in Cheras recently.

Children who reside in the Children’s Home are always showered with attention and are often on the receiving end of kindness from well-wishers.   Drowned with the attention and kindness they received, they may not understand the meaning of “caring and sharing”. Children should learn, as part of the growing up process, to also give and not always take. They may not have the material things to give but at least they can give happiness and love.

In a recent visit to The Little Sisters of the Poor, residence for underprivileged senior citizens, kids from the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care did just that.

The first meeting between the young and the old brought smiles to both. For the elderly, the company and attention showered by the kids came as a pleasant surprise and something they missed. For the children, being able to bring joy to the residents in the home was itself gratifying.

The children offered the elderly food and even fed those who could not feed themselves. They chatted with the senior folks and when the music started to roll, they got the old folks to sing with them.  Some old folks sang and danced with the children. The kids also put up a performance which they had practiced for a week before the visit.

This brought much joy to the residents  who were not ready to bid goodbye and requested the children to make return visits, to which, the latter agreed. Besides instilling respect for the elderly, the visit also taught the children the importance of giving and sharing.  The children of Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care not only received, they also gave!



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