Children celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

At the Hiichiikok Foundation’s Home For Children Care, we not only make sure our kids have a roof over their heads, but are taught about their heritage and traditions. We believe that children who know about their roots and continue practising their traditions and customs will have a holistic growth. This is one reason why the Home makes it a point to expose the children to different traditions and cultures.

Recently, the kids celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival in an event organised by the Zhen Kong Dao Tang temple, near Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. All 19 children from the Home had a good time celebrating the festive with activities like musical chairs, balloon games, performances, among others.

In the spirit of the festival, the children also ate mooncakes and pomelos besides walking around the temple’s vicinity carrying lanterns. They were also given ang pow and took part in a lucky draw. All these not only brought joy to the children, but also deepen their knowledge and understanding of the cultures around them.

The haze did not stop the children from enjoying the walkabout with the lantern
The event was made possible with Zhen Kong Dao Tang temple, the organiser
The kids learn about their tradition and heritage by being exposed to celebrations like the Mid-Autumn Festival

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