French volunteers share experience with Home

The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care received two volunteers from France recently. Medical student Alix Roquette and dentistry student Anais Falque, both from Lilee, France, spent three weeks sharing the same roof and eating the same food as the kids.

With a streak in helping the underprivileged, Alix and Anais felt right at home with the children. The kids were naturally drawn to them, initially out of curiosity of having two Caucasian women staying with them, but eventually because of the duo’s friendliness.

They taught the children personal hygiene and tips on taking care of their health. They also employed innovative techniques in teaching the children English, resulting in discernible improvement in the kids despite the French ladies’ short stint. In the evenings, they shared with the children about their homes in France. It was an eye-opening experience for children, most of whom had not ventured far beyond Kuala Lumpur.

With strong bonds between the French volunteers and the children developed over three weeks, it came as no surprise that everyone was emotional when it was time to part ways. Lots of tears were shed and hugs exchanged as Alix and Anais bade farewell. But in the end, it was all good when the children and minders promised to keep in touch with the French volunteers.

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