Teaching kids about sharing

Those living in the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care are probably more used to being on the receiving end of the public’s goodwill and generosity. From the roof over their heads to the donated books they receive and the care they got in the Home, the kids have a lot going for them despite the troubled background most of them come from. This could not be possible without public support for the Home.

But the Home also wants the kids also learn the value of giving back, from whatever little that they have. It is with this in mind that 15 children from the Home volunteered at the Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple in Sentul in early January to help pack donated items for the flood victims in Kelantan.

The temple had been supporting the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care for some time now, usually by donating foodstuff they received from the public. When the Chief Venerable in the temple mentioned that they needed more manpower, it didn’t take long for the Home to offer their services.

The children were involved in unloading the donated items, packing and labelling them and stacking them up properly. They even helped cleaned up the place after the 3-hour work.

Overall, the kids enjoyed volunteering at the temple and they learnt the importance of giving - without which they would not have the Home to turn to.

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