Bridge To Literacy Project set to take off

The Hiichiikok Foundation will arrange weak students in a primary school in Sungai Buloh to be given free tuition starting next year, under our “Bridge To Literacy” pilot project. Thirty student each from Standard Five and Standard Six in SJK (T) Saraswathy will be given extra classes in Bahasa Malaysia and English for six hours every Saturday.

They will be taught by six volunteer students from SEGi University’s Faculty of Education under its “Professional Development Learning Community Project”. The additional coaching in the two critical language subjects is aimed at helping these kids do better in their secondary school years.

The progress of these students would be closely tracked until they take the PT3 public examinations. The findings would be used to enhance the tuition classes in subsequent projects.

SJK (T) Sarawasthy, located near SEGi University, was initially an estate school providing primary education to children in the Ruber Research Institute and its surrounding areas. However, rapid development in the area has resulted in the rubber plantations there being converted into housing and industrial estates.

Many of the workers who had worked in rubber plantations in the past are now employed in factories or doing odd jobs. The overwhelming majority of them are poor.

The “Bridge to Literacy” project is one of the Foundation’s two major initiatives, the other being operating the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care.

Education is paramount for students to have a good future

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