Enter the Year of the Horse and our Home for Children Care

With the year of the snake tailing off and the sound of the horse’s galloping drawing nearer each day we are ready to receive a new year.

The Executive Committee, Management and Staff of Hiichiikok Foundation would like to wish you  :



(In full power to receive a fruitful year)



We are glad to say that the energy of the horse has spread to us and are happy to announce that Hiichiikok Foundation – Home For Children Care is ready!

Over the last months, whilst we are busy getting the home ready, we were simultaneously all out to seek out children whom we can help.  We have started interviewing families who sought our service.

The Home has the capacity for up to 50 children and at the moment we still have vacancies for those who has a need.

We are looking for children from underprivileged background be it orphans, single parent family, neglected, abused or impoverished.  We hope we can lend a hand to give them not only food and shelter but also love and care and an opportunity for better education and future.

When we look back and see how someone’s life has been transformed because of that one call we made or message we sent out, the satisfaction is beyond words.

If you do come across the opportunity to help a needy child, just call Diana at 603-79688668 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Details of the home are as follows:



Hiichiikok Foundation – Home for Children Care
8 Jalan Chempedak, Off Jalan Kovil Hilir, 51200 Kuala Lumpur

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