Home for children care

In making the home a wonderful place for the children, we would like to thank Mr. Koh Sim Hoo and his team of lecturers and students from Alfa College in volunteering to create a mural on the side wall of the home as their CSR initiative. Also, special thanks to NIPPON paint for sponsoring all the paint. Our gratitude to Mr. K.L. Lau and Ms. Jamie Kee for coming out with great ideas to enhance the look and functionality of the home. We will enjoy the fruits of their effort soon:

  • Water fountain effect at the backyard with water stream add to the artistic value and relaxation effect
  • Low benches and swing under the coloured awning serves as shady area to relax and play
  • Planter box filled with flowers to train the children of responsibility and love for nature
  • Mini playground at the front yard as an entertainment during outdoor activities besides emphasizing exercise and physical development

The proposed mural painting for the side wall of the home

The proposed ideas for the backyard

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