Disbursing funds to NGOs

"Clarity in Charity" event received great support and participation by many of the Foundation’s friends and corporate sponsors. We thank everyone who have contributed in donation of cash, kind and manpower to make this a successful event. Our founder and Chairman, Dato’ Seri Clement Hii has written a brief article in his blog on this which we are reposting here:

Dato' Seri Clement Hii says:
During Hiichiikok Foundation's fundraiser "Clarity in Charity" event on 13 April 2013, we managed to raise RM72,526. All the four non-government organisations who are the beneficiaries recently received their respective cheques, each for RM18,131.50.

Once again, on behalf of the Foundation, I would like to thank all the supporters, sponsors and participants who had contributed to making the event a success.

The photographs below were taken when our staff handed over the cheques to the respective NGO’s representatives:

1. Mr. Nigel Jones, Public Relation Director receiving Hiichiikok Foundation’s cheque on behalf of of the Salvation Army.

2. Ms Jennifer Lim, receiving a cheque of RM18,131.50 on behalf of Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation.

3. Ms P. Nagasayee Malathy of PS The Children receiving the cheque on behalf of her NGO.

4. En. Mohd Izzad Bin Zaimi of Yayasan Chow Kit accepting a cheque for RM18,131.50 from our staff.

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