1st Anniversary Fundraiser @ SEGi

The funds raised through this event will go to four chosen children NGOs, namely Salvation Army, Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, Protect & Save the Children and Yayasan Chow Kit.

This fundraiser event is strongly supported by SEGi University Group and Focus Malaysia the newest business weekly launched recently.

As part of the foundation active participation and contribution to the social issues related to children in Malaysia, and being one of the agents of change in provision of solutions, we hope to be able to do so through this fundraiser to raise funds for these four chosen NGOs.

Kindly contact Ms Lee Yin Yoke at 03-62873645 for any enquiries on this event, Mr Jeremy Kwan Wing Kien (03-62873642) will be most happy to discuss with you on how to be a sponsor for the fundraiser. Please go to our Facebook for more information.

We look forward to seeing you, your family and friends, and do not miss out being part of this wonderful life changing fundraiser concert.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HiichiikokFoundation/events

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