Storytelling time at The Story Book

Here at the home, emphasis is given to learning opportunities and opportunities for growth. These opportunities don’t just come in the form of tuition but in fun activities. An example of this is a storytelling session that was held on 28 July at The Story Book. 

The team at The Story Book started the session off with some ice-breaking games conducted in English. This was a good chance for the children to understand instructions in English and to practise using the language. Using language in context is one of the most effective ways to learn. 

After that, the team at The Story Book read aloud a story from ‘Squirky, the Alien: Why am I blue?' authored by Melanie Lee. To make the story come alive, the team acted the scenes out. This facilitates understanding of the text in a vivid manner. All the children were captivated throughout the session.

The Story Book is a quaint picturesque café and events space located in Desa City Park. 

The children listening intently to the story-tellers

The children playing ice-breaking games

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