Meaningful lessons from Havan

Several children at the home benefitted in different ways from the charitable efforts of Hany and Ivan – founders of Havan Clothing. The kids learned about EQ from Hany while they received a beginner’s practicum on entrepreneurship from Ivan.

The chidren who participated in the EQ lessons really need them having grown up in underprivileged, challenging and sometimes broken families. It can be said, too, that even children who come from privileged homes may not be raised with enough EQ.

The EQ lessons conducted by Hany teach them how to recognize then cope with and control their feelings. Studies have found that the ability to manage feelings is important to learning, attention and memory. Emotional intelligence skills also can lead to less bullying, academic success and stronger relationships.

In his free time, Ivan gives children at the home hands-on lessons in entrepreneurship. The children get the works of all the basics – brainstorming, business concept, target market, price setting, identifying profit margins, coming up with an action plan, market survey, choosing a marketing strategy, right up to execution. The children’s little business was put to the test when they set up a stall in Taman Titiwangsa to sell lemonade.

On top of that, this young couple acknowledges the artwork done by the children here by promoting them on their clothing line and even on their angpow packets. Part of the profits generated from the sale of their products go back to funding the EQ lessons.



One of the T-shirts bearing a drawing by one of our children


The artwork is also made available as an iron-on

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