Hailey’s Heart of Gold

Inspiration can come from anywhere, from anyone no matter what age or creed. This story is about Hailey Fort, a 12-year-old American girl who started her philanthropist efforts five years ago. At such a young age, she has already done more to help the homeless than many adults have. Hailey is especially touched by homeless army veterans because her father also serves in the army.

Her story is so awe-inspiring that it has gained the attention and coverage of the local television news channel and other news portals such as Washington ABC, NBC news affiliates, Military Kids Life, Popular Science for Kids, the Huffington Post, A Mighty Girl and Bored Panda. She was also invited to be a special guest speaker at the forum of the King Centennial event put on by The King Center, formed in commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination.


It all started when Hailey was only 6 years old. One day, she saw a homeless man. Feeling sorry for him, she asked her mother to buy a sandwich for the homeless man. When Hailey got a little older, she realised that she could do a lot more for the homeless if she grew the food instead of buying with her mother’s money.

With some help and guidance from her parents, she started planting vegetables. To date she has grown and given away more than 400 pounds of vegetables, all on her own. Now she works together with the common farm in her community in Kitsap County. This way, she can achieve more.

On top of that, this slender little girl builds shelters for individual homeless people, using her grandfather’s design plan. When other children are busy playing and socialising online, she is busy hammering and nailing pieces of pallet together, painting and putting in insulation for her mini homes.

The community has been supportive of Hailey's efforts. The cost of building a shelter is only about $300, because many items are donated. The walls are made of pallets, stuffed with recycled denim insulation. The shelter has window curtains, a solar-powered lamp and a lock on the front door. It has 32 square feet of living space; large enough for one person to sit and sleep inside.

Her charitable nature motivates her to also donate toilettries, warm coats and blankets to the needy. Over the recent year she has already raised more than $55,000 to further her cause. You can look up her Facebook page: Hailey’s Harvest (@Haileysharvest).

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