Chinese New Year Open House

Chinese New Year is a time when families get together on the eve and first day. Traditionally, the subsequent days of CNY are a time for visiting relatives. However, some of the children at our home do not get to enjoy this simple luxury, so we decided to have an Open House to unite the children with their parents at the home on February 24.

We also took the opportunity to invite our loyal supporters – volunteers and donors – to this special occasion as a way to show our gratitude for their generosity and undying support. 

The HCK management who turned up to support the event were Mr Clifford Hii (Group Executive Director, Growth Strategies and Alliances) and his wife, Mr Lee Kok Cheng (CEO of Education Division) and wife, Mr Leong Choong Wah (Group Executive Director, Corporate Services) and a few other HCK staff. Mr Leong even did a story-telling session for the children.

Even though the fuse box exploded and the home was left without electricity, this did not faze the CNY cheer and good vibes. Mother Nature helped by blessing the home with a pleasant breeze until the TNB workmen arrived to save the day.

With the help of an assistant, Diana Ooi whipped up a special fare for a buffet that included turkey curry and pandan rice. There was kerabu beehoon, Chinese-styled fried yee mee, vegetable curry, boiled egg with sauce, mushroom, roast duck and chicken curry. Some of the donors and other volunteers sponsored sushi, mini donuts and other desserts. 

We wish to thank all the volunteers who came to help with the preparations before the event started. Once again, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the many donors and supporters of this humble home.

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