Spare a thought for the unfortunate

Recently, Internet news portal, The Malaysian Insight reported that many charity homes are running low on funds, as economic headwinds take its toll on the public’s sense of charity. Many of these homes do not enjoy government aid and rely almost entirely on public’s generosity.

According to the report, electricity and water supply cut has been a recurring problems as these homes struggle to pay even their utility bills. In some cases, there were cuts on food and medicinal supply to cope with the rising cost of living.

Our Children’s Home face similar problems and we empathized with other Homes facing similar plight. In the spirit of the season, we call on the public to spare a thought for Homes hit by the tough times.

The contributions need not be in cash and kind, although that would be very helpful. Sometimes, all it takes is to spare some time and attention to bring out the smiles of those living in such homes.

Photo from The Malaysian Insider

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