A morning with The Butterflies

By Diana Ooi

Sunday, 27 August 2017 marked the beginning of the 3rd term school holidays.  Months before the holiday, our volunteer Mas Marlena whom the children passionately called “Kak Lena” began planning for a trip to the Butterfly Park for the children.  The Mentors and volunteers also joined in the trip to guide the children through a journey of learning.

When told of the plan a week before the trip all the children were excited and looking forward.  

On the day of the trip, the children got up early and finished their chores early too!

As usual, before entering the park, the children were broken into groups led by the mentors and volunteers and the children were briefed on the “do’s” and “don’ts”.

The first thing that greeted them were the butterflies flying freely all over.  They were awed by such sight.  The serenity and coolness of the park made it very comfortable for the kids.  As they walked through the park, the mentors spare no time to walk the children through a learning journey on what they see.   They learned that the butterflies feed on pineapples and bananas coated with honey.  They learned what to do and not to do at the park.  They were excited to learn that the fish will respond by swimming towards the sound of hand clapping.  Guess what?  They were busy clapping and the poor fish were clambering towards the sound!

Along the way, they were also exposed to the many types of flowers and plants.

Everyone was excited when one of the butterfly decided to land on the shoulder of our Little Alan who stayed stiff for a while as he was scared that the butterfly will fly away.   He was hopeful that he can bring the butterfly home!

They passed by fish ponds where they saw different varieties of fish and also the habitats in the aquarium which ranges from turtles, tarantulas and many more.

As they entered the exhibition hall where the dried butterflies were framed and exhibited on the walls caught the eyes of the children who were amazed that butterflies can be that colourful.  Little Alan’s sight was glued to the luminous colors of the butterflies and suddenly chipped “Aunty, why don’t they switched off the light?”  That broke the silence in the hall! 

Boon Siew was happily collecting the colourful wings of the butterfly that has fallen on the ground thinking that she can keep them as her collection.  Unfortunately, a big signboard at the entrance warned that anything taken out of the park is considered as theft.  We can see the disappointment on her face.

On the way out they were greeted by Aunty Gina from the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park who graciously allowed free entrance for the children and also treating them with a packet of drinks each.  It was also their honour to have Aunty Gina taking a group picture with them

Thank you Aunty Gina and the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park for the memorable trip.

However, the trip did not end there! We took them to the nearby Lake Gardens Park where they have their nasi lemak, mee goreng, cakes and buns.  They were also given a 30 minutes of fun time at the playground.  Their fun has to be cut short as they have to rush off for tuition.

Thank you Mas Marlena for arranging the trip and sponsoring the food.  Thank you mentors Karisma and Rudi, Volunteers Uncle Mohamad, Johnny, Jo Ping and Dave for a morning well spent!

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