Tackling bullying at its root

Kudos to the Education Ministry for recently launching a programme to nip school bullying in the bud. The deputy education minister, Datuk P. Kamalanathan who launched the campaign even reminded schools not to sweep such cases under the carpet.

Children should be protected from physical and mental abuses, otherwise, their growth could be impeded. The physical and psychological trauma from bullying can have lifelong impact on a child. 

At the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care, we have witnessed the devastating effects of bullying, especially mental abuses. It takes years of rehabilitation and counselling for victims of bullies to recover. There are cases where victims never recovers.

Today, bullying takes many forms. Cyberbullying is becoming more rampant but hard to detect and its effects, more damaging than conventional bullying. The Ministry’s campaign to raise awareness about this scourge could help alleviate this problem.

Parents and guardians also should also be more vigilant as some children do not know that they had been victims of bullying, thinking that it is the norm to be treated in a degrading way. Frequent and open communications with their kids will help. In our Home, despite having many kids under one roof, we promote frank and open discussions.

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