Giving back time

At the recent Vesak celebration, some of our children answered the call by Aunty Ah Cheng, a regular supporter of the Home, to help out at the Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple.

They went to the temple at 7am and were positioned at the various food and drinks counters to serve food to the devotees.  The children enjoyed themselves so much that when it’s time for them to go home at 2pm, they refused to leave.  They stayed till the end of the event.

When they finally got back to the Home, they were excitedly sharing their experiences with the younger ones who could not be there. Some of the children who volunteered their services are not Buddhist, but that did not deter them from volunteering or enjoying themseves.  

They learned that they are not always the receiving ones, they are good enough to give too!  They learned that there are no boundaries when giving!  They made the Home proud!


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