Back to nature

By Diana Ooi

By the kind invitation of Persatuan Budidaya Penyayang dan Kesyukuran Malaysia, our children visited the Sing Sing Agriculture Farm in Rawang.

Having being bred and grown in the urbans the children were thrilled to be in a vast land of greeneries.  They felt the cool air and the freedom.

Just as we arrived, we were welcomed by Uncle Ah Boon who wasted no time to take us to the vegetable farm and explained to us how the vegetables were grown.  To complete the tour Uncle Ah Boon even let the children harvest the vegetables.  

“Harvest as much as you can and they are for you to take Home” said Uncle Ah Boon and with this, the children spare no time and happily pulled the vegetables from the bed.  The children were taught what to do after the harvest.  They have to send the vegetables for washing before packing them.

After the vegetable harvesting, they were given tea where there is a big spread of food ranging from freshly plucked vegetables to “kampong chicken”, noodles and cakes and of course fruits from the farm. 

After the sumptuous tea, the children were marched off to the jackfruit plantation followed by the animal farm where they were shown how goats were bred.

The trip ended with a barbeque dinner and the adventure of having to drive through a dark muddy path before we are back to civilisation.

What did the children learnt?  Its not easy to harvest the vegetables let alone planting it.  Thus, they should not waste food!!

Thank you Dato Teh from Persatuan Budidaya Penyayang dan Kesyukuran Malaysia, Uncle Ah Boon and your team for that memorable trip!

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