It’s our 3rd Year !

By Diana Ooi

10 March 2017 marked the 3rd year of operation of Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care. 

It has been a challenging 3 years!  Through the 3 years’ journey we did stumble and fall  but after every fall, we managed to pick ourselves up and through each fall, we pick up new knowledge and skills which make us stronger.

Through this rough journey,  we are thankful to have our staff who stood by us.  Unlike working in a corporate environment, the staff of the Home has to sacrifice their weekends and public holidays as these are the busiest time for us who are working in the Home not to mention the long working hours.  Their passion and love for the children is obvious.

We are grateful to have supporters and charity partners who were there and are still here to give us the positive vibes and support to meet each and every challenges.  Not only are they our pillars of support and hope, they are also there to support our objective of providing learning opportunities to the children of the Home.  My Shinning Star Foundation has been providing our children year long living skills training for the last 2 years and has continued with the program this year.  Pusat Kreatif Tuanku Bainun has and still is sponsoring our children with skills training like Creative Art, Chef training and Mask and Movement.  All these trainings not only gives the children the chance to learn new skills but also build their confidence.  

The group of young men and ladies who are the “Big Brothers and Big Sisters” of our children –The Mentors - who have diligently come to the Home twice a month to provide study support, we thank you.

There are so many of our supporters whom we would like to express our gratitude to but we are not be able to mention each and every one of them in this short message.  


To Each and Everyone 

Who Supported Us

Who Helped Us

From the bottom of our hearts

The Management, Staff and Children of

Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care


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