A needless tragedy

Recently, eight teenagers were killed after they were run down by a car in Johor Baru. According to media reports, the kids were taking part in illegal racing at around 3am, at a stretch notorious for such activities.

It was a tragedy that should not have happened. It is easy to play the blame game when such tragedies take place. But we should not be desensitized to the fact that lives were unnecessarily lost and all these came with an emotional and financial tolls. 

This is why the Hiichiikok Foundation believes in providing a safe and conducive environment for kids to grow up in. Our Foundation’s Home for Children Care offers a roof over the heads of many young boys and girls. We try our best to insulate them from high-risk environments and nurture them with loving kindness in the hope that they could contribute meaningfully back to the society.

All over the country, homes like ours give underprivileged kids a leg-up in life. We help build self-confidence among children and work towards giving them a better future from where they had come from. 

We express our deepest condolences to the families whose children perished in the accident and pray that those who are undergoing treatment now get back on their feet fast.


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