Teaching kids to give back

Having been on the receiving end of the public’s generosity, our kids were also taught to give back to society, in whatever ways they could. It was with this in mind that the Home organised a gotong-royong to spruce up a nearby school, SJK (C) Chiao Nan where some our our kids are studying.

Armed with buckets of paint and brushes, the kids spent two days during the school holidays giving a fresh coat to the more dilapidated and worn-out parts of the school like the fencing perimeter and the covered spectators seating area next to the school field. It was all hard work, but the end results was gratifying for the kids.

SJK (C) Chiao Nan has had a long relations with the home. As many of our children study there, the Home keep close communications with the teachers from the school. In fact, a senior assistant in the school volunteers free tuition to the kids twice a week in the Home. The school’s headmaster, Puan Lim and several teachers also visited the Home recently.


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