Celebrating diversity

Though our Home does not have any Muslim children, we celebrated Hari Rayato let the children have a better understanding of our diversity. 

So, the Home held a Hari Raya Aidil Fitri do, to mark the end of Muslims’ month-long fasting.

During the fasting month, the children were given a briefing on what Ramadhan is all about and also the do’s and don’t’s. Some of the things they learnt about Ramandhan is how to respect their  friends who are fasting and how to greet their Muslim friends and our Muslim visitors.

On the 1st day of Hari Raya Puasa the children were hosted to a Hari Raya lunch by Encik Mohamad Abdullah, his family and their friend from Iran, Ms Fatemae Hjsa. Encik Mohamad is a strong supporter of the Home.

Another thing that they learned are the types of food served during Hari Raya where they were served with sayor lodeh, rendang, curry chicken, fried chicken etc. 

They were joined by our friends in charity. Some brought cookies, some brought cakes and of course jellies and candies were also brought in.

Later in the afternoon, the children entertained the guests with some songs and dance.

Thanks to Encik Mohamad Abdullah, Ms Fatemae Hjsa and all our friends who brought in food, fun and happiness on that auspicious day!


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