The story behind the dumpling!

By Diana Ooi

The 5th day of the 5th lunar month is when the Chinese mark the Dumplings Festival.  While most of us enjoy eating the dumplings (chang in Hokkien) many of the kids in our Home did not know the historical significance of the festival.

One the day of the festive, children of the Home were gathered and given a quick history lesson about how the people in ancient China threw the dumplings into a river to help save a renowned poet.

Thereafter, the children proceeded to the kitchen where ingredients like bamboo leaves and rice were ready, for them to make those dumplings. Initially, the dumplings came in different shapes and sizes. But after much practice, they were able to produce the delicacy in the desired shape and size.

Once they got the hang of making dumplings in the correct shape, the kids were filled with pride, a feeling written all over their beaming faces. One of the children even exclaimed that she felt proud as she could do something even her mum couldn’t.

This reminded me of the time when the children first came into the Home, they were all different. It took a lot of “practice” before we could reshaped them into kids with a better future than when they first stepped into the Home.

We hope this experience will not only teach them how to make dumpling but also how to put the practice into shaping their lives for the better. Children, we know it takes time but we are waiting for the day when you come out in the desired shape.

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