Rehda pricks the emotion

Recently, My Shining Star Foundation, a non-profit organisation promoting children’s interests, sponsored kids from the Home to a movie outing. The kids watched Redha, a highly-acclaimed local production about the difficulties in raising an autistic child.

Directed by Tunku Mona Riza, the movie revolved around autistic Danial, 6, and was inspired by real-life events. The movie also aimed to raise awareness about autism.

Children from our Home came back from the outing with a heightened awareness about autism and a better understanding about the plight of those who were less privileged. They also learnt about the huge sacrifices that adults had to make to ensure such kids lead a better life. All these are crucial life lessons for our children.

The Shining Star Foundation had been organising a series of workshops and programmes for our children. We thank the Foundation for this opportunity!

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